ERCDC Programs & Services

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Bilingual Programs

ERCDC is unique among special education preschools in that many of our students come from homes in which Spanish, Mandarin or Cantonese are the primary or only language spoken. These students are enrolled in Bilingual classrooms that integrate home language and culture into the classroom environment and activities. These classrooms are staffed with New York State certified teachers who have undergone ESL training, and certified teacher assistants who are fluent in the home language of the children enrolled in each class. This model supports children’s sense of emotional safety, as there are adults who understand them and relate in ways that remind the child of home. As children learn and grow, instruction is provided in the child’s demonstrated primary language. Speech-Language Pathologists at ERCDC hold Bilingual Extensions in the home languages of the students they serve. In addition, many of our Occupational and Physical Therapists are bilingual as well.